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We are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who collect blood and urine samples for your pathological tests from home, with utmost comfort and care. We are one of the leading sample collectors in India and serve individuals, communities, societies and organizations with complete satisfaction.


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Our Values


We love our customers from all age groups and empathise with them while drawing blood. We ensure they feel positive and confident when we are around. We fully comprehend & understand them and make them feel very comfortable while sample collection so that nobody feels scared


We love our customers from all age groups and empathise with them while drawing blood. We ensure they feel positive and confident when we are around. We fully comprehend & understand them and make them feel very comfortable while sample collection so that nobody feels scared


We pay close attention to details and manage all the specimens with complete care. We manage all your records as per standards and ensure none of them is misplaced or misrepresented


We ensure all the specimens reach the laboratory on time in all weathers without fail. We also deliver all the reports on time to the patients via online means of communication. We also collect the samples at your convenient and prescribed time without any negligence

Team Player

We are capable to multi-task and work with all kinds of teams to meet deadlines


We handle all our customers with highest possible patience by allowing them to settle and compose themselves first before the specimen is withdrawn


We respect every individual and handle diverse population with different cultural backgrounds equally

Our Services

We offer the following:

Why Choose Us?

  • → We are a team of extremely qualified and skilled technicians
  • → We provide timely delivery of our services
  • → We handle all specimens with utmost care and deliver them to laboratories for further processing in the right time at all weather conditions
  • → We work 24x7 round the clock
  • → We provide unparalleled customer experience
  • → We strictly adhere to national protocol and health guidelines for phlebotomy
  • → We provide ECG at home
  • → All our services are available at very economic and affordable prices!

About Our Company

We are a private limited organization into existence since 12 years. We have a strong management team that guides and directs us to the next level of service. The core values of the company are ingrained into every individual’s heart and we want to care for everyone with complete ownership and as a family.

Our Culture

We are focussed to providing hassle free and pain free collection services to our customers, who are the epicentre of our business. We follow “Customer is King” culture in our organization to ensure that we provide services to every individual in a manner it would be delivered to a royal family. Our main goal is just not to provide a specimen collection service, but to make it a happy and every lasting moment that reminds our customers about us every time they go for a pathological test. We work round the clock even in adverse weather conditions only to ensure that the specimen reaches the lab on time and the desired results are generated to make informed decisions for a better living and disease cure. What we do is beyond simple “care” and we ensure to make a difference to the lives of the individuals with our timely performance.

More About us and Our Team

We ensure that all our phlebotomists are trained and certified before they are on-boarded. They are also trained to handle multiple patients with diverse nature and personalities with patience and sincerity. All the patients are informed about the process in a very polite and courteous manner so as to empathise with the patients and understand their apprehensions, if any, and make them feel at ease before the specimen is collected from them. Every technician is also trained to imbibe cheerfulness and kindness and the same is reflected in their behaviour while on field. We also ensure that we have multilingual team so that language does act any barrier to our services. This ensures that effective communication is established between the technician and the customer and all information is recorded properly. Special attention is given to patients and children with fear of needles. Elderly persons are also handled with lot of patience and care. All this traits comes from our strong commitment to providing the best services in the country. Each member of our team is responsible to correctly identify the type of patient and ensure that the sample is collected in the most appropriate manner so that the patient does not experience any trouble while drawing blood at all conditions – whether healthy or suffering from a disease.

Meet our phlebo

Traits of Our Phlebotomist

These traits of our team make them extremely diligent and dextrous at their tasks. They are the reasons of smiles and our happy customers.

Patience Patience
Highly Experienced & Skilled Highly Experienced & Skilled
Timeliness Timeliness
Compassionate Compassionate
Steady Steady
Courteous Courteous

When should you contact us?

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  • → You need sample collection for any pathological tests
  • → You need to organise health camps for your organizations
  • → You to need to organize periodic check-ups for your community or society
  • → You need to get an urgent ECG or a routine heart check-up to test the working condition of your heart
  • → Your family and yourself do not have time to visit a hospital for check-up